Welcome to Vietnam
Ifugao Woman - Philippines
African Queen - Senegal
Nepali Boy
Rug Weaver - India
One Day Old - India
Tibetan Man-Nepal
Saigon Smile - Vietnam
At the Flour Mill - Canada
India Boy
Hurried in Hanoi
Beautiful in Aqua - India
Three Geisha 
Girlish Giggles-Vietnam
Four Beauties - India
Beautiful in Pink - India
Mujer y Nina
La Costurera
Gaucho Girl
Little Princess
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Mexico Day of the Dead
Bavarian Man
Munich's Fasching
Kathmandu Cabbie
Festival Musician
Quechua Girls - Peru
Mardi Gras Reveler-New Orleans
Leo y Ramon - Mexico
Blanket Seller - Senegal
Holy Man - India
Sherpa Woman - Nepal
What's Your Weight-India
Boy Dancer - India
Two Angels - L.A. Olvera St.
School's Out - Senegal
No Photos Please! USA
La Chanteuse - Paris
Grandma and Baby - India
My Lunch Partner - Vietnam
Ciao Bella - Sicily
Pounds of Parma - Sicily
Sicilian Boys
Handsome India Man
Fasching Piggy
Along the Ganges - India
Women on the Ganges - India
A Great Grandmother - China
A Friendly Face - China
Chinese Cowboys
Mr. Cool - China
Girl with Purple Hair - China
Peking Opera - China
My Favorite Face - China
Drama King - Chinese Opera
Shanghai Juice Seller - China
Taking Grandma to Temple - China
Suzhou River Lady - China
Backwards is Fun - China
Blue Angel - Philippines
Go Go Boy - China
Girl in the Red Hat - China
Chubby Cheeks - India
Taiko Drummer - Japan
Shamisen Player - Japan
Taiko Drummer II - Japan
Angel Face - Philippines
Tarascan Women - Mexico
33 Carriage Driver.JPG

Cigar Smokin' Cabbie

Fasching Face - Munich

Handsome Man
on the Bus - China

3 Roma's Pizza Man.jpg
35 Nona-Rome.jpg

Pizza Man - Rome

Lady on the Bus - Rome

2 Roma's Pizza Man-2.jpg

Pizza Man II - Rome

172 My Favorite Garcon.JPG
184 Newest Bakery Owner.JPG

My Friendly Waiter

139 Paris Tour Guide.JPG

Smiling Tour Guide

147 Metro Musician.JPG
146 Metro Musician - 2.JPG

Musician on the Metro II - Paris

Musician on the Metro

Boulangerie - Paris